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Strawberry or fallen trees, or Take hard-working

– The father, and into better to collect the fallen trees or the strawberries?   – Fallen trees.   What if strawberry picking wages in euros, and over fallen trees – a fine in rubles? – Fallen trees. – And if to collect strawberries on the Mediterranean sea, and fallen …

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Strawberry: 10 amazingly useful properties

Strawberry – one of my favorite berries. Strawberry is one of the most popular fruits in the world and is used in food in various types. Ice cream, jams, jellies, puree, syrups, confectionery, pastries, chocolates and even medicines — all of these products can contain strawberries, which gives them a …

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Recommendations that will help to choose the right strawberry

How to choose delicious strawberries without harm to health.Strawberry season is just beginning, so it’s important not to make a mistake and buy a berry that can’t hurt. To distinguish natural strawberries from a “chemical” is very easy. To get started is to pay attention to smell: strawberries should smell …

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How useful strawberry for women

Strawberry has a beneficial effect on women’s health . Strawberry is one of the most delicious summer berries. First of all, the strawberry is, of course, a great dessert, but not less actively used in therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. Use strawberriesStrawberry contains many nutrients necessary for the health of women. …

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