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Slaughter in Surgut – crazy attacked passersby with a knife (PHOTO, VIDEO)

This morning some kind of Hell was happening on the streets of Surgut. 23-year-old local resident attacked passers-by with a knife and managed to wound seven before he himself was killed. Perhaps the attackers were more. In town close to shopping centers and evacuate visitors.

That’s what we know about the situation at the moment.

The investigative Committee said that around 11:20 armed with a knife man on the street began to attack people and wounded at least seven people before being shot dead by employees patrulno-sentry duty.

However, other sources claim that the attackers were three, they were wearing masks and hoods, and they were armed not only with knives, and firearms. Here are the words of the witnesses (taken from social networks, so that the degree of confidence in the source is low):

Managed to cut three people, then the police arrived and stopped the nightmare, killing the attacker. The second crazy, again, according to some sources, was taken alive, according to other sources, escaped. Also witnesses say that if you currently have this type (or these types) had a large bag with unknown contents.

The bag had killed the explosive device was NOT detected.

Writing that killed was 23-year-old Mobicel Abdurakhmanov, and that at the moment checks the information that the attacker was a mental disorder, and the version of the attack is not the main.

While there, in Surgut, began to receive messages on a mining of shopping centres, in connection with evacuating visitors.

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