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As the USSR exploited women (photo)

So, friends, today will be a post on one interesting and very important subject — how in the scoop (USSR) exploited women in difficult and harmful work, giving it for some “release”. Scoop fans love to tell stories about delicious in the world of the Soviet sundae — but the …

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One photo. Behind the facade of a scoop

    So, friends — today I have another post rubric “one photo”, which recently appeared in my blog. By the way, be sure and go to other posts of this column — there is a lot of interesting. This is a picture I wanted to include one of his …

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Real USSR in the photo of the American photographer

So, friends, today will be a great and very interesting post on the topic of real life in the USSR — in the post will have many photos taken while travelling on the Union of American photographer Dean Conger. The pictures are very interesting in the first place so that …

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Too open swimsuit made 17-year-old athlete known (photo)

Even if you’re the best swimmer of Alaska, this does not mean that you can wear a skimpy bathing suit to the competition. Roughly this sense has been invested in the disqualification of the high school Brechin Willis, who competed in swimming events in anchorage. “You could see her rolls …

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Panas Saksagansky dedicated a new commemorative coin. Photo

The NBU said about the design and features of the coin. The national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has put into circulation a commemorative coin dedicated to Ukrainian actor, Director, playwright, teacher, one of the founders of the Ukrainian domestic theatre Panas Saksagansky (Tobilevich). The coin continues the series “Outstanding personalities …

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