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Over the villages of Odessa region faced a big threat

Над поселками Одесской области нависла большая угрозаExperts expect that the level of the Danube will reach dangerous heights, and authorities are preparing for disaster.

With the increase in air temperature the water level in the rivers of Odessa region will begin to rise, threatening flooding of settlements on the South of the region. Thus, according to meteorologists, this year the water level may exceed the critical threshold of 5.35 m., Reporters found, how to prepare for a possible disaster by local authorities.

In the Danube hydrometeorological Observatory told us that while it is impossible to accurately predict the water level in the river in the spring. “While the water level at Reni and Izmail regions far from the critical level. But we expect that water level will be above the average and perhaps exceeding the dangerous marks”, told us senior hydrologist Observatory Faith Zhukov.

To predict whether the rise of the river to a critical level, they are in the Danube water resources management, but say that the problems with flooding in the Reni district do have. “The level of flooding depends on the bandwidth of the beam Balaneshty, through which water enters into the lake Yalpug. Often under bridges on this beam collects household waste, causing the overall water level rises, — says head of Department, Gregory Romalewski. — People hurting themselves”.

There is also the problem of flooding in the village Novosel’skoe of the Reni district: the flood and rain waters there last year flooded about two hundred houses. “There is a drainage system, but they no longer work. They need to be put in order, then no flooding will not” — says Romalewski. But suffers from flooding not only Novosel’skoe, but low-lying part of the city Reni sea trade port. “In the city of coast higher, but in the port area, the situation is much worse, staff at the port each year preparing for floods”, — said the head of the Reni RGA Olga Kaliji.

The district has created a special headquarters, which should prepare for possible flooding. “It includes the CSW staff, and rescuers, we were given the task of preparing, including on clearing of the areas under the bridges,” says Kaliji. According to the official, the area has long been talk about the need for shore protection works, but this requires large financial investments. “We tried to get money from the regional and even state budgets, but to no avail,” laments Kaliji.

While officials hope the new dam, which was built seven years ago. It is, according to ex-mayor Reny, Sergei Kolevich must cope with the “big water”. “Previously, near Reni was the low dam, which was built in 1954. She could not cope with the water level, and it was flooding — explains Kolevich. — New dam half a meter higher, so can cope with rising water level”.


While the inhabitants of Bessarabia are preparing to confront the “big water”, employees of GU gschs in the Odessa region, saying that potential flooding is ready. “In our disposal there are all necessary appliances, including pumps for pumping the water. Also in that case you need to evacuate people from houses along the water, we have a vehicle on tracks and boats” — told “Today” head of the press service of the regional Department SSES Andrew Miller.

By the way, the lifeguards are always ready with tents, which can wait out the disaster evacuees. “At the scene, a special headquarters of the rescuers, employees of local authorities and the police where already defined tasks for all services, — told us the Miller, adding that the sandbags are harvested already in place. — The sand taken from local quarries”.

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