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Risk of Afghan instability ‘overflowing’ across region, Russian FM says, as Taliban insurgents gain ground following US withdrawal

Addressing a regional security conference on Friday, Moscow’s top diplomat said that “the uncertainty of the development of the military-political situation in this country and around it has increased.” “Unfortunately, in recent days we have witnessed a rapid degradation of the situation in Afghanistan … It is obvious that in …

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EU pledges aid to an anti-Damascus region in the name of Syrian sovereignty but sanctions Assad government for being sovereign

Right after pledging a humanitarian-aid package of some 26 million euro on Wednesday to the Kurdish-controlled breakaway region of Northeastern Syria (NES), EU authorities on Thursday renewed punitive sanctions against the Syrian government of Bashar Assad. That same day, the Syrian leader won re-election as president in a landslide victory, …

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Azerbaijan & Armenia at war: What you need to know about bloody conflict over long-disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh (MAP)

The ongoing hostilities started on September 27, becoming one of the most serious in a series of border clashes that have been occurring in the region on a fairly regular basis. The parties are fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh, a mountainous region located inside Azerbaijan, as recognised internationally, and some surrounding territories. …

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