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Around the Eiffel tower built the glass wall

Вокруг Эйфелевой башни построят стеклянную стенуSuch a structure should protect the attraction from terrorist acts.

Bulletproof glass wall can be installed around the Eiffel tower, according to Le Parisien. It is assumed that the wall will protect the landmark from terrorist attacks.

The fence can also be a large part of the gardens adjacent to the main Paris attractions. The wall height of 2,5 meters is planned to build in the fall.

Now France is living in a state of emergency that was introduced after the terrorist attacks 13 November 2015, when the militants started shooting in cafes and restaurants, a suicide bomber blew himself up on the Boulevard Voltaire, in the concert hall “Bataclan” hostage-taking, and the football stadium “Stade de France” in suburb of the capital Saint‑Denis of three explosions. In mid-December the state of emergency was extended until July 15, 2017.

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