Tuesday , June 15 2021
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If you believe the dubbed trailer, this superhero psychiatric Thriller will be released in Russia under the appropriate heading of “Glass”. Well, let’s hope so. To get used to the shitty “glass” turned out to be difficult. In addition to the trailer, hold an exclusive poster of the painting with …

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The first poster of Thriller GLASS

M. night Shyamalan has published on his page in Twitter the first teaser poster for the film Glass. The poster was bright, juicy, epic and at the same time imbued with a kind of irony. After all, the key characters of the picture — in fact, the real superheroes and …

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A new type of unusual glass

Testing of the properties of these new materials may lead to unexpected applications.Metallic glass is an emerging type of material, while working on this material, scientists from Yale University have created a new type of metallic glass. Usually solid metals have a rigid crystalline structure, but the metallic glass is …

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GLASS: photos from the last day of filming

Yesterday it became known that the shooting “glass” is completed, in which case the whole team threw a party. Well, we pulled with Integramod get pictures of the final working day and the subsequent booze and actors. Previously the inhabitants of the Zone Horror was able to witness how completely …

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