Saturday , June 19 2021
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Apple built the iPhone 12 Pro screen on 120 Hz

Apple may equip its new smartphone iPhone 12 Pro and its bigger version iPhone 12 Pro Max screen refresh rate of 120 Hz. This will be the first IPhone with such a display ever – all models available equipped with screens of 60 Hz, and 120 Hz is only at …

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The USSR is a country built by slaves

So, friends — today will be a post about how all the “achievements of the Soviet industry” was built with slave labor. In the false Soviet anthem, the Soviet Union has the following lines — “unbreakable Union of free republics United forever great Russia, long live the will of the …

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In Russia built the first car bridge in China

From Russia came the first road bridge connecting it with China. Construction was carried out in the Amur region, today it was informed by the authorities that the construction is finished. It is expected that the bridge will open in the spring, because the front landscaping. The starting point for …

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Unusual building built in the backwoods of Norway. Photo

This country is famous for its nature. Pictures of amazing architectural solutions in one of the Norwegian forests has published a popular travel blogger Ilya Varlamov in Instagram. Architectural masterpiece in the woods? Easy, it’s Norway. A place that surprises you with its beauty. Amazing and rich nature is the …

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