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Xiaomi introduced the DVR with night vision

Xiaomi представила видеорегистратор с ночным видениемThe company Xiaomi has introduced in China new DDPAI miniONE video recorder Dashcam Night Vision.

Unlike the original DDPAI miniONE Dashcam, this model has a NightShot function. Even at night the camera is able to distinguish the license plates of cars and pedestrians. The device supports voice control and the ability to shoot as roads and car interior.

DVR made in the form of a small cylinder and comes with a mount where it can rotate 360 degrees. It allows you to adjust the shooting range and use it to record what is happening inside the cabin. The device supports voice control that allows you to make photos, turn off the sound and perform other operations without being distracted from driving.

In DDPAI miniONE Dashcam Night Vision uses a large sensor Sony IMX307 with a pixel size of 2.9 microns and a lens aperture of f/1.8. Using a system of six glass lenses increases the amount reaching the sensor light. In addition, the angle of view of 140° allows you to capture almost everything that happens in the front. The camera also features sensor G-Force that can recognize hard braking or collision, to ensure that you keep a record of the incident.

Storage of footage on the video recorder provides embedded storage eMMC with capacity of 16 or 32 GB depending on version. Compared with SD card, this memory has a 5 times greater read speed and 10 times longer service life. In addition, through the use of codec H. 265 video compression efficiency is improved and the resulting size – reduced.

DDPAI miniONE Dashcam Night Vision can be purchased on the platform of Xiaomi Youpin at a price of $44 for the version of 16 GB, a modification to the drive to 32GB will cost $10 more.

Xiaomi представила видеорегистратор с ночным видением

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