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WordPress site is a base of business development

the WordPress site is a base for business development

In the 21st century business development is impossible without a well-designed organization of the website, which will be comfortable to users and also will contain visual information about the presenting product or service. The development of such resources needs to be mandate to the qualified specialists who not only know how to “be creative” in the field of the web, but also know all the niceties of running the business on the Internet improving efficiency of the site.

Your development is a main service of our agency

You will find the perfect solutions for your business development in our digital agency. We use innovative website design options and technologies for their promotion in our line of work. It will bring your business to a higher new level because while developing websites our specialists consider them as a tool for business development but not as just an information platform.

There are different market actors among our customers:

● representatives of small and medium-sized business;

● owners of startup business;

● marketing agencies;

● large and even international organizations.

An achieving of the new opportunities is possible due to the well-coordinated work of the team, which consists of multidisciplinary specialists: developers, web designers, programmers, project managers.

Full Package for the WordPress Services

WordPress agency will quickly fulfill its task on the platform by creation of the new software products and improvement of existing ones.

The provided WordPress services include:

● improving of the security indicator. The security of the personal data is in a first place, especially there is a huge amount of confidential information on the websites. Contact our agency for help, and we will conduct a close audit of the site and improve protection as necessary;

● WordPress maintenance while working process. The resources on this platform are properly supported: updates are regularly released, monitoring and performance improvements are carried out. Programmers will help ensure the long-term operation of the system throughout the entire operation time.

● solving problems with the speed of working process. Eventually the site begins to function slowly, loading pages takes longer without service support. Typically the root of the problem is in the configuration and code. It is easy to fix by asking for help in time;

● installation of the certificate. Upgrading of an old or installing a new SSL also should let the experts to do. WordPress agency will help you resolve this task quickly. First, make sure that the existing certificate is installed and configured correctly. Next, you need to update the parameters and replace the information into the database;

● solving the main problems of the platform. We will help to solve the problem of the site core operation. The first signals of element malfunctions are the error messages, the inability to load the site in the browser and open the toolbar.

● WordPress plugin. A common problem is the incompatibility between some plugins with each other. Our experts will help to solve this problem and the elements will show their best advantages.

● dealing with the WordPress theme. There are many themes on the platform, they can be paid, free, uniquely written according to the order. And all of them need regular updates and technical support despite of their type. A new service toolkit comes and needs to be improved to work with. Please contact us for a help to make all codes working on 100 %.

● repair and support. The site should have a stable security system, otherwise there will occur a high hacking risk. The regular security monitoring of the resource and improving of it will prevent it.

● website design on the platform. Improvement of the design or its complete processing should be carried out competently, without prejudice to the usefulness of the resource. That is why you should approach the web designers who will put forward an exclusive arrangement option, which in turn will help in increasing the sales of your product or service.

● registration replacement of the site. We will help you to change hosting for your resource, without losing accounts and confidential information.

Contact an agency and feel all the benefits of WordPress choice.

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