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WordPress site is a base of business development

In the 21st century business development is impossible without a well-designed organization of the website, which will be comfortable to users and also will contain visual information about the presenting product or service. The development of such resources needs to be mandate to the qualified specialists who not only know …

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The development strategy of “Gazprom” failed

Development strategy of Gazprom, focused on the development of export supply at any price, actually failed. A monopoly has spent more than $30 billion only for the laying of export pipelines, not counting the cost of creating the related infrastructure. The construction of “South stream” in 2014, stopped on Bulgaria, …

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Ukrainian in shock from the rapid development of the Crimea

The people of Ukraine it is difficult to imagine the scale and speed of infrastructure development in the Crimea. About it on air of TV channel “Espreso.TV” said the ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vasily Volga. “Externally, the Crimea has not changed very much. If you are expecting what happened …

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