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Wells and fiftieth

Earth, somewhere in the United States, the beginning of the 1950s. a Meteorite falls in the outskirts of a quiet provincial town, where nothing usually happens, and, of course, raises a furor. And when it turns out that the meteorite is actually a spaceship coming from Mars, are involved in the military. And no wonder — the aliens are highly aggressive and well-armed. They had everything ready to colonize the Land, which involves clearing of the territory from the natives. Mortal weapons useless against the Martians… Through this whole nightmare are two — Dr. Forrester and his lover Sylvia, looking for a way to get rid of the invaders. So in Hollywood of the fifties interpreted the novel by Hg wells. Wrote the script, allocated the budget and gave it to the Director Byron Haskin, offering the choice to spend money on famous actors or cutting-edge special effects. Haskin put on last and it has paid off: his “war of the worlds” looks fine still, in the age of computer technology.

The special effects are hopelessly outdated, but it is beautiful

Movies in the first place species, like any self-respecting blockbuster. Brilliant special effects, captivated the audience, drew him to the screens. Visual solutions is really gorgeous — look at alien fighting machines — Golden, shining like deep sea fishes and moving on the beams. Look like toys, but for those years it was a breakthrough. Unhappy please do not disturb – you have a Spielberg film. The film Hasina, however, largely exceeds his, and the actors are more vivid, the story more realistic, without the phony drama and pathos, which is the work of Spielberg.

And technologies silbergasse Martians modest – their ancestors from the fifties moved on the rays, and he himself took his feet.

And interesting interpretation of the source, transfer of the action in the fifties. How would react to such a situation people of the Victorian era, we found out, now the same model will try to work on the fifties… Now it is no longer news in the modern era at least once plunged with varying degrees of success, all the popular themes of the time. But “war of the worlds” became one of the first. This advantage will be of interest except to historians movie, but to ignore it is not worth it.

“Say not Victorian England? It doesn’t matter! Burn!”

The appearance something like that was natural: in the fifties a space fantasy and horror in Vogue. By 1953, have already reached “the Goal Is the Moon,” “When worlds collide”, “the Day the Earth stood still” and a number of other, less famous movies. Against this background, it was impossible not to recall the work of the founder of the genre. And to adapt the novels to contemporary trends in cinema in Hollywood were long ago. Here came the great wells novel to the big screen in the form of gorgeous blockbuster of its time. And was greeted with cheers. Most wells also probably would have liked this version of his book. By the way, the inspiration of the film was his son Orson, staged on Halloween Grand raffle — on the radio announced the invasion of aliens. Believe everything, including power…

Orson Welles – the main instigator of the invasion of the Martians/

Now, when movies about aliens coming out of several dozen per year, and the Martians became so much that it is unclear how they have for Mars is not at loggerheads, the film Hasina looks like a funny relic. But true connoisseurs know that this film said a new word in the genre and dictate his style for many years.

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