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The world’s richest female celebrities. Photo

They have achieved great success.

In the ranking of the highest paid celebrities in the world includes 14 women. Just a list of 100 people, no Russians in it. Among the celebrities-women are the representatives of stage, television and writers. The leader among them young Kylie Jenner, she earned $ 166,5 million, ahead of Ellen DeGeneres and Judith Sheindlin. The rankings assessed the income of the stars in the period from June 1, 2017 June 1, 2018 If the assessment is not deducted the amount which the stars are paid sommeregger, agents and lawyers. Data on income Forbes receives from companies Nielsen, Pollstar, IMDB, SoundScan, BookScan NPD and ComScore.

Kylie Jenner

Condition: $ 166,5 million

Place in the ranking: 3

Age: 20 years

Source of income: Cosmetics

The youngest sister in the family Kardashian-Jenner, could make more than the other members of her family. Two years ago, Kylie founded the cosmetics company Cosmetics Kylie, which brought her $800 million due to the popularity in social networks Kylie quickly hyped cosmetic brand.

The most trending and profitable product Kylie has got her lipstick Lip Kits, which sold out exactly one day, despite the fact that its price is 10 times higher than the purchase price. Also, the girl produces shadows and eyeliner and other cosmetic products.

Judith Sheindlin

Income: $147 million

Place in ranking: 4

Age: 75

Source of income: TV

Gained fame through his TV show “Judge Judy”, which lasted 22 seasons and attracted an average of 10 million viewers per day. Her project is one of the most popular daytime programs in the history of American television.

Once Sheindlin was the only woman in her class in law school. She’s 25 years working in Family court in new York. On TV she came when she was 52 years old. In 2017, she received her third Emmy award.

For the role of a judge in the TV show she receives an annual of $47 million (before taxes).

Judith Sheindlin has Ukrainian and Russian roots.

Ellen DeGeneres

Income: $87.5 mln

Place in ranking: 15

Age: 60

Source of income: TV

This year has brought DeGeneres new status — the first woman who earned $20 million for a special edition of the show on Netflix.

20 years ago the episode of her own sitcom Ellen, in which DeGeneres told about his homosexuality, has seen 44 million people – three times more than any other episode of that show.

His TV show DeGeneres leads for 15 years. She has 14 Emmys and the Presidential medal of Freedom from Barack Obama.

Part of the income DeGeneres brings advertising contracts. She also acts as Executive producer of the show, Little Big Shots at NBC, owns his own technology company, has developed a popular mobile game called Heads Up. This year was the most lucrative in her career.

Katy Perry

Income: $ 83 million

Place in the ranking: 19

Age: 33

Source of income: music

The singer became well known worldwide after the release of the single “I Kissed a Girl” and the album One of the Boys in 2008.

14 Jul 2016 premiere of her song “Rise”, which became the official anthem of the Summer Olympic games 2016.

Perry is a renowned workaholic, it was 80 concerts in the world tour in support of their fifth album, Witness. This tour earned her over $1 million Despite the density of the touring schedule, she managed to find the time to participate in the musical show American Idol as a judge.

Taylor Swift

Income: $ 80 million

Place in ranking: 21

Age: 28

Source of income: music

Sold 2 million copies of the album, Reputation in the first week after its release, it became the best selling album in 2017.

Her tour is organized in support of the Studio album “1989”, brought her a quarter of a billion dollars. Current tour can bring her even more.

Despite the fact that touring is the main source of income of the singer, she also earns on the sales of their music and on advertising.

She has starred in advertising campaigns for brands such as Keds, Diet Coke and Apple.

Kim Kardashian

Income: $ 67 million

Place in ranking: 30


Source of income: TV

Kim Kardashian — star of reality show “the Family Kardashian”, which was launched in 2007 and still exists to this day. Kim followed sister Kylie Jenner and has launched his own cosmetics company KKW Beauty. Over the past year the company’s sales reached $100 million, primarily due to the popular kits for contouring the face and perfumes. In the AppStore or Googleplay to download the game app “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood venture” where the girl is the main protagonist. Kim also earns on the ad on his page on Instagram, where it has 114 million subscribers.

Beyonce Knowles

Income: $60 million

Place in the ranking: 35

Age: 36

Source of income: music

Her tour On The Run II, which takes place with the participation of her husband Jay-Z, collects about $5 million per day.

Lemonade’s latest album became her sixth and second “visual album,” Beyonce (a song, in addition to the clip, attached hour movie), the first album was Beyoncé, which was released in 2013.

Owns part of the music streaming app Tidal, which was created by her husband together with their friends.

JK Rowling

Income: $54 million

Place in ranking: 42

Age: 52

Source of income: literature

Despite the fact that sales of books about Harry Potter fell, the writer continues to receive money for the use of the image of her character in the theme parks of Harry Potter in Florida, California and Japan, and in theatrical productions on Broadway and London’s West end.


Income: $52 million

Place in the ranking: 45

Age: 38

Source of income: music

Her latest tour of the Beautiful Trauma have proven to her fans — former troubled Teens who have grown up, but continue to buy tickets to the concert of your favourite singer.

Lady Gaga

Income: $50 million

Place in ranking: 49

Age: 32

Source of income: music

As part of a tour this year, the singer will travel the world, already in the first speech, it attracted millions of viewers. And in December launched a series of her concerts at the entertainment complex MGM Park Theater (Las Vegas), the contract is for two years.

Jennifer Lopez

Income: $47 million

Place in ranking: 53

Age: 48

Source of income: music

Its revenues grew by 24% compared to the previous year due to the release of a new single Dinero together with DJ Khaled and Cardi. It also adds to your wallet at the expense of participation in the TV show “World of dance”.

Sofia Vergara

Income: $42.5 million

Place in ranking: 68

Age: 46

Source of income: movies

Star of the TV series “American family” increase their income due to advertising contracts with brands of cosmetics and coffee. Also this year, the actress received fees for shooting in the films “the Female brain” and “addiction” and voiceovers for the cartoon “Emoji movie”.

Scarlett Johansson

Income: $ 40.5 million

Place in ranking: 76

Age: 33

Source of income: movies

“Black widow” is a character from the movie “the Avengers” Marvel has become a lucrative role for Johansson. Marvel studios announced that Scarlett is perfect in the role of the Russian spy and decided to devote her character in a separate film, work on which has already begun.


Income: $37.5 million

Place in ranking: 84

Age: 30

Source of income: music

Unlike most musicians on our list tour of Rihanna is not the main source of income of the singer. Instead, the girl increases his fortune at the expense of cooperation with the cosmetics brand Beauty, Fenty clothing store Savage Lingerie. Despite the fact that touring the singer was last in 2016, fans can watch her work on the big screen — this year came the film “8 friends of Oushena”.

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