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The Tokyo airport is the leader in ease of delivery of tourists to the city

Токийский аэропорт лидирует по удобству доставки туристов в городThe trip from Haneda airport to the city takes 24 minutes and costs $ 4.

American company Milecards credit card for tourists, has released a ranking of the best airports in the world from the point of view of transit in the city.

Methodology of calculation the quality of transit in the city is based on 4 factors, each worth 25 points: travel time, cost, frequency, convenience of movement.

Tokyo Haneda airport has gained a total of 80 points, due to the fact that the trip takes 24 minutes and costs $ 4.

In second place is the Delhi airport, the journey takes 45 minutes, but costs 1 dollar. In third place is Shanghai-Pudong and its magnetic levitation train, passing the route in 50 minutes, and worth $ 7 at one end. Completing the top 5 is another airport of Shanghai and the airport in Amsterdam.

Top 10 airports in the world with the best transfer to the city: 1.Tokyo, Haneda 2.Delhi 3.Shanghai-Pudong 4.Shanghai Hongqiao 5.Amsterdam 6.Atlanta 7.Hong Kong 8-9.Kuala Lumpur, 8-9.Sydney 10.Frankfurt 10.Istanbul 10.London-Gatwick.

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