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The Russian people have nowhere to go

Русскому человеку некуда ездить

But if you think about it, the Russian man if he submits to the will of the authorities, there is nowhere to ride at all, except Tajikistan, DPR, Abkhazia. Even in Belarus there are anti-Russian nationalists, they felt, despite all the punishment from Lukashenko. Himself Lukashenka replaces Russian language the Belarusian.

Across Europe, as we know, desecrate monuments to war, and it is the kind of Russophobia that Shoigu even offers to close their business and put in jail, if these defilers will come to Russia.

Even in Serbia, not so long ago there were statements by the opposition who want to be friends with Russia and with NATO. With Montenegro it is all bad, there’s even a clown tried to organize a coup.

Britain and all the countries like Australia and New Zealand, of course. There is generally Skrypali and Russophobia.

Japan wants the Kuril Islands and their Prime Minister directly spoke about it. Thailand gives our US citizens, but in reality it is much worse a sin quite seriously say, what the Georgian journalist.

Therefore, Russian needs to have a rest in Crimea and Abkhazia because in DND there is no sea, not particularly going for a swim.

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