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The researchers found in the permafrost bacteria that eats plastic

Ученые нашли в вечной мерзлоте бактерии, поедающие пластик

A team of scientists from Switzerland found in the permafrost age of 13 million years the bacteria, which is able to eat and recycle the plastic. About the amazing discovery was reported in the publication Mail Online.

It is noted that the specialists of the Swiss Federal research Institute forest snow and landscape (WSL) studied samples of permafrost on mount Schafberg in the Eastern Alps. Inside was able to identify ten of new types of hypothermic bacteria and a new species of yeast. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“We never expected this. If we find 1000 species of bacteria, about 300 of them are types that only exist in the permafrost”, of guaritas in the report of the representative of the Institute Bit Frey.

According to experts, some of the detected types of bacteria can be used in bioreactors for the destruction of plastic waste in landfills.

Previously, scientists from the WSL has successfully used microorganisms to create mushega funds with enzymes of bacteria from the permafrost. The resulting product can be used at low water temperatures.


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