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The network won the seal, who asked the diver to scratch his tummy

Сеть покорил тюлень, попросивший аквалангиста почесать ему животикIt looks incredibly cute.

Diver Gary made the plunge and with interest considered all that came in his way. Very soon the company he was two adorable seals.

Judging by their behavior, they repeatedly met with people and knew that they wouldn’t do anything to them. That is why sea creatures played with Gary. And when he started to scratch his tummy seal, he was overjoyed. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

He was kissing the diver, stroking him with her fins, and the second animal studied the man and his suit. As well, Gary was the operator who took video of everything that happens.

And when the men posted a video on the Internet, users were delighted. The movie has collected more than 14 million views, it is actively discussed. Not every day you see such affectionate and sociable seals. It is obvious that animal and the diver got a lot of pleasure from intercourse.

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