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Facebook leaks: Network knew it radicalized users, was too slow to root out QAnon and anti-vaxxers, critics say

The Silicon Valley giant doesn’t do enough to protect society from various ills, its critics, including some employees, believe. Meanwhile, Facebook is working on new ways to curb the growth of certain groups through manipulation rather than blanket bans. ‘Carol Smith’, a self-identified politically conservative mother from Wilmington, North Carolina …

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In nod to China, New Zealand’s foreign minister says it is ‘uncomfortable’ with ‘expanding’ role of US-led ‘Five Eyes’ spy network

The World War II-era partnership between the intelligence agencies of the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand has issued official statements in recent months on a host of China-related matters, including alleged human rights violations against Uighurs and political developments in Hong Kong. Speaking at a meeting of …

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