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Russia may be cut off from SWIFT banking payment system as part of West’s ‘spiral of sanctions,’ warns country’s foreign ministry

“It’s no secret that there are threats, primarily from the United States, to disconnect Russia from the SWIFT system,” said Dmitry Birichevsky, director of the Economic Cooperation Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Speaking on RIA Novosti on Monday, the diplomat noted that Russia has concerns that SWIFT could get …

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A rare class found in the most ancient spiral galaxy

Researchers have shown that formed 2.6 billion years after the Big Bang A1689B11 is the most ancient spiral galaxy in space. Astronomers have confirmed that galaxy A1689B11, which was formed after 2.6 billion years after the Big Bang, is the oldest known spiral galaxy. The researchers ‘ findings were published …

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Hubble captures spiral galactic a few

The distance between them is 55 million light years. The Hubble has captured a photo of two amazingly beautiful galaxy spiral shape. The photo, shown to the 27th birthday Orbiter shows the unusual beauty of delicate starlight and mysterious colorful clouds of dust. Telescope launched 24 April 1990 and he …

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