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Hubble captures spiral galactic a few

«Хаббл» запечатлел спиральную галактическую пару The distance between them is 55 million light years.

The Hubble has captured a photo of two amazingly beautiful galaxy spiral shape.

The photo, shown to the 27th birthday Orbiter shows the unusual beauty of delicate starlight and mysterious colorful clouds of dust.

Telescope launched 24 April 1990 and he is a real revolutionary breakthrough in science. During his work showed people a huge number of wonders in the Universe.

Such incredible beauty imagery of NASA together with ESA annually celebrate the day when it was launched, the Orbiter. In the photo this year, were two of the galaxy of extraordinary beauty. These two spiral galaxies called NGC 4298 and NGC 4302. It is noted that the distance between them is 55 million light years. They were discovered in 1784 scientist William Herschel. The place of their education – Veronica’s Hair.

Hubble continues to amaze people with incredible imagery and fascinating Universe, showing all the new extraordinary images of the cosmos.

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