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Attempt at civil discourse on ‘Wokeism’ ends in Clubhouse room ‘coup,’ Jewish prof shut down as ‘SPICY WHITE’ & demands for CASH

The room, dubbed “Is Clubhouse Obsessed with ‘Wokeism’?” was created by independent journalist Michael Tracey, who said he thought the Clubhouse chats “almost inevitably evolve into a discussion of ‘woke-ism’… but there’s seldom anyone in the room who identifies enough with the ideology to give a defense of it.” His attempt …

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Democratic congressman sues Trump over Capitol riot under Civil War-era KKK Act, says he ‘suffered emotional distress’

Thompson sued the former president on Tuesday for allegedly conspiring with Giuliani and the so-called “extremist” groups for supposedly attempting to prohibit the Senate from certifying the election results in which Democrat Joe Biden emerged victorious. The suit was filed by Washington lawyer Joseph Sellers and African American advocacy group …

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The end of civil wars?

While 2020 may have been humanity’s annus horribilis, it put to rest the notion a civil war was possible in a developed society. To be honest, until the autumn of 2020, I’d felt civil war was imaginable in industrialized societies such as the United States or Russia. However, recent events …

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Will January 6 be the date the second US Civil War begins?

In the 1989 black comedy ‘War of the Roses’, Oliver and Barbara Rose, a young affluent couple, played by Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, seem to have all the worldly possessions necessary for a successful marriage. Over time, however, they come to loathe each other, and their only shared passion …

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