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Spooky forest for the most daring tourists. Photo

Жуткие леса для самых смелых туристов. ФотоHere there is its atmosphere.

We have made a selection of places, even to read about that terrible, not to visit.

Teak forest, South Africa

Жуткие леса для самых смелых туристов. Фото

Teak trees “in the face of terrible, good inside”. If you’re ever in Africa and fall into the teak forest, not knowing the characteristics of these trees, it can turn gray, turn pale and even start to stutter.

Passing by “bleeding” post, you might think that it was a brutal crime. In fact, the color of the resin of this tree specific, which makes it very popular in interior design.

Aokigahara, Japan

Жуткие леса для самых смелых туристов. Фото

A sad tourist attraction at the foot of mount Fuji known as the Forest of suicides. Legends about this place known to the Japanese since the middle Ages and in the XIX century the poor Japanese families were brought and left in the forest to certain destruction their elders and children who could not feed.

People with fine mental organization is better to stay clear of this place, as the witnesses state that just go a few steps deeper into how to see things, bags, packaging of tablets — evidence of the terrible events that happen here very often.

Rusty forest, Ukraine

Жуткие леса для самых смелых туристов. Фото

The Chernobyl catastrophe Ukraine has brought notoriety around the world. A huge area of pine trees coated layer of radioactive dust, which led to the death of trees and staining them in brown color. During the work on the decontamination area Rusty forest was bulldozed and buried, he is now recovering in a natural way.

Immediately after the accident, people observed a strange phenomenon — trees shone like a forest filled with ghosts. Actually there’s a scientific explanation, but I Chernobyl guides can scare the tourists with tales about supernatural forces.

Bennington triangle, USA

Жуткие леса для самых смелых туристов. Фото

In USA in Vermont there is a forest with a bad reputation: it disappeared people. It was also reported unexplained noises, unusual atmospheric phenomena and unseen animals in the woods.

Writer and folklorist Joseph Citro called the Bennington triangle — similar to Bermuda. In his books he claimed that this place is cursed since the days of the Indians they tried to avoid it long before the arrival of colonists.

Wychwood, United Kingdom

Жуткие леса для самых смелых туристов. Фото

Once this forest was part of the Royal hunting grounds in Oxfordshire, but then the sovereigns began to go around Wychwood, party because I didn’t want to meet a Ghost wife of the Earl of Leicester, who died from a broken neck many years ago under mysterious circumstances.

Tell that supposedly one day the widower went hunting and met a dead wife. She told that in 10 days they will be reunited, and indeed, soon, seemingly healthy man got sick and died. According to legend, the Ghost still roams the Bush, and each met the woman awaits the fate of her husband.

Hoya-Baciu, Romania

Жуткие леса для самых смелых туристов. Фото

Les Hoya-Baciu is one of the most mysterious places in Europe, known as the “Bermuda triangle of Transylvania”.

A little more than 100 years ago, it was like woods. But soon it began to happen something strange: the trees gradually bent into bizarre shapes, from the forest disappeared first animals and then birds.

Hoya-Baciu has many legends, and they are all about the mysterious disappearance of people — the shepherd with 200 sheep would disappear, the 5-year-old girl will drop into his butterfly and will be released in the same clothes, and haven’t matured only after 5 years and with a butterfly in his hands. In the middle of the forest is a round clearing, which is considered to be a takeoff strip for UFO.

Screaming forest, UK

Жуткие леса для самых смелых туристов. Фото

The village Placel in the County of Kent included in the Guinness Book of records as the “habitat of ghosts in the UK”. It is believed that in these woods there are about 12-14 of ghosts.

As you can imagine, people are supposed often hear heart-rending cries of Ghost coming from the forest nights. Saying it come the ghosts of those lost in this forest, I could not find a way out and died.

Reserve “the Freetown-fall river”, USA

Жуткие леса для самых смелых туристов. Фото

Part of the forest Freetown (located in Massachusetts in the North-East USA) is called “Bridzhuoterskoy triangle”.

It is believed that this is the territory of Satanists, criminals and suicides. According to the legends, this region has long served as a place of religious rites, including sacrifice and ritual killing of animals. Legends tell he is ball lightning, giant snakes, mutilated animals, UFOs and other unusual phenomena.

Forest North Sentinelese island, India

Жуткие леса для самых смелых туристов. Фото

This is probably one of the most mysterious places on the planet. The strangeness of this forest that is unknown to humanity, what plants, what types of animals and birds in it. Perhaps there’s even those that are considered extinct.

Still on this island lives a tribe of very warlike natives, who belong to the non-contact peoples. Any attempt to meet with the sentinels end the same way: in the course are the arrows under the threatening shouts of the angry mob.

Crooked forest, Poland

Жуткие леса для самых смелых туристов. Фото

Unusual this forest is the fact that there are trees that looks like no other. About 400 pine trees grow with a bend of 90° at the base of their trunks. Moreover, all the trees bent towards the North.

The most popular legend has it that people especially mechanically adjust the shape of the trees, to then make furniture, boats, sleds, etc. However, local loggers say that this wood is unsuitable for such a purpose. Still not exactly known the reason for this unusual shape of the trees.

Forest the old house, USA

Жуткие леса для самых смелых туристов. Фото

Mathews is a small County in Virginia in the United States, formerly an important port, which is now, according to the testimony of many people is the habitat of the ghosts of British soldiers and pirates once held here and presumptuous here treasure.

It’s a terrible place named in honor of the burned estate. According to legend, in the forest was once buried pirate treasure, and all who went in search of him, disappeared without a trace.

Locals claim to have seen various ghosts: slaves, Indians, floating lights, headless dogs and even a Ghost ship heading deep into the forest.

The island of the dead dolls Mexico

Жуткие леса для самых смелых туристов. Фото

Hundreds of old broken dolls hanging on the trees in the forest, located on a small island near the Mexican capital. According to one legend, 50 years ago, local resident don Julian Santana was found in one of the channels the girl’s body, and there he found the doll and decided to hang the toy in the forest in memory of the unfortunate. Half a century Julian did not depart from tradition.

In 2001 the branch was supposed to be 1000 doll, but Santana drowned in the same canal.

Bonus: Sometimes reality is worse than the legends. We don’t know what this forest, but looks creepy, right?

Жуткие леса для самых смелых туристов. Фото

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