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Seychelles “resurrected” extinct birds

На Сейшельских островах "воскрес" вымерший вид птиц“Alive” birds that became extinct thousands of years ago

Seychelles “resurrected” after a few thousand years of extinct species of land birds kaviarov the rail (Dryolimnas cuvieri).

The “resurrection” of extinct birds has occurred due to the phenomenon of iterative evolution, when from the same ancestor develops the same kind of animal at different times.

It is noted that the species was considered extinct for 36 million years. The extinction took place due to the fact that its habitat was not predators – birds failed to evolve and learn to fly for protection and died as a result of their low mobility in natural disasters.

Kaviarov the boy came to the place of their extinction is a large Atoll, after it resurfaced on the land. This conclusion researchers made after finding the remains of birds.

“These unique fossils provide irrefutable evidence that a member of the family rails twice colonized the Atoll. He came, probably from Madagascar, and each time arriving on the Atoll have lost the ability to fly, turning into a different species. Fossil evidence that we have presented are unique to these birds and represent their ability to successfully colonize an isolated island, and quickly lose the ability to fly are the result of iterative evolution,” said Dr Julian Hume, the study’s lead author, researcher at the natural history Museum.

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