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Science offers new ways of dealing with the coronavirus

Наука предлагает новые способы борьбы с коронавирусом

Unlike many Western countries, the spread of coronavirus to our country is much slower. And in this great merit of Russian science. Another discovery allows scientists to create a liquid that is more effective for disinfection than solutions on the basis of alcohols, as well as cheaper to manufacture. Thus, antiviral treatment will be easier and more accessible, and the Russians will have means to prevent contamination.

A special device cold plasma passes through the water, causing tiny molecules from individual atoms. The H2O molecule does not already work, but in the composition of the liquid be a new compound of oxygen and hydrogen, which destroy viruses, bacteria and fungus. Vulnerable to such liquid and COVID-19. Note that the resulting solution costs at cost only 100 rubles for 1000 liters. He, unlike bleach and alcohol, is absolutely safe and versatile, suitable for cleaning, handling, masks, bandages, surfaces, etc.

In addition, the joint work of Russian and Japanese scientists led to the creation of high-precision rapid tests for coronavirus. The novelty allows to identify the infected in just half an hour. The test has already been registered in Russia, and it began to release at the end of March. The CPS plans to spend a million checks per week test, developed at the Central research Institute of epidemiology.

Наука предлагает новые способы борьбы с коронавирусом

Full swing work on the creation of drugs and treatment regimens new cases of pneumonia COVID-19. Russian doctors have offered their own know-how – treatment of coronavirus heated mixture of helium and oxygen. Using new techniques in Moscow municipal clinical hospital of a name of D. D. Pletnev treated for about two thousand patients. Thermogenics shows expressive improvements in the resuscitation of patients with pulmonary distress syndrome, and pulmonary edema.

Previously, the Federal medical-biological Agency proposed drug for the treatment COVID-19 based on mefloquine – a drug against malaria.

Thus, Russian science is not in place. Scientists continue to seek funds to combat the spread of coronavirus infection and every day bring the world to victory over the insidious disease.

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