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Professional clowns are pissed from the movie “IT”

That’s what Wade so Wade. Teaser trailer of the film, Andres, Moschetti “It”, setting a record all records for the number of views per day, provoked ecstatic sighs. The majority of viewers recognized that the new Pennywise and all his evil activities are really scary. It seems to be a positive rating… if you are a professional clown. The representatives of this profession too impressed by the trailer, but scared them not only Pennyways, and the fact that they may have problems at work.

Clowns are seriously afraid that the movie “It” will hurt their image. The image of a bloodthirsty killer in makeup can sit in the minds of ordinary citizens that pay for the society this clown (even if do not want to kill children), no one will. Someone even predicts a new wave of “anticloning” sentiment, as, for example, at the peak of popularity of the prank with the attack of the clowns-maniacs or after the notorious murder of John Gacy, who performed at children’s parties in the image of the clown Pogo. In short, the new film adaptation of “It” can nail down the final nail in the coffin of the clown industry. This profession in the USA and already slowly dying, young people do not go in clowns, most pros have long forty. And then there’s filmmakers such podlyanki satisfied. Horror.

“It will be very bad for clowns,” says Wilfred Adams, clown Gilly with twenty years of experience.

“It will destroy our business,” echoes Nick Kane, a clown with the stage name Mr. Nick.

Roger Fojas, 48-year-old clown themed characters in summary, says that after the release of the film, Mosketti parents will simply cease to invite clowns for events. The flow of orders have dropped significantly, and people showed just a trailer. Whether there will be.

It all sounds a bit funny. Apparently, we do not understand the problems of clowns, especially the us. While in the West, judging by the coming of the echoes, the image really more transformirovalsya in the dark side. The average clown is transformed from good-natured fun into a nightmare every second child. Media, books, movies and the media (consciously or not) to instill in the public coulrophobia. Cultural aversion to these characters is so great that the said Roger Fojas equates it to racism. Here are the pies.

However want clowns or not, “It”‘, Mosketti will be released on big screens on 7 September this year. And then, probably, will be released and the second part. Someone should prepare for hard times.

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