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“Pacific rim 2” should be the beginning of the universe like “Star wars”

Soon we saw the Russian trailer for “Pacific rim 2”, as the creators have to share their big ideas for the future.

Director Steven Denit told what’s going on in the cinematic kitchen:

We had a preliminary discussion of what would be the plot for the next film, and as a finale, the new film will affect the expansion of the universe “Pacific rim” to the extent “Star wars” or “Star trek”, do share it so you could follow the main movies, or you could be distracted for independent films… Expand the universe.
And one can certainly do a TV show… I’d like to see animated TV shows.

Well, John Boyega they already have, so that “Pacific rim 2” is reminiscent of “Star wars.” Well, seriously, talking — no bags to roll. “Live” also wanted to be a franchise, for example. So let’s see the reaction of the audience and their willingness to pay a dollar and the implementation of plans. Yet in the comments, I noticed that mistrust to the project, they say, and Hunters are not the same, and John Boyega hate it… I must admit I too do not feel much excitement, although the first Pacific Rim I like. Giant robots, kaiju are gorgeous… What all else is needed for happiness? But here’s the trailer of the sequel for some reason wow-effect causes. However, if you delve into the details of the plot, we will see something interesting.

Well, if briefly

After the events of the first film, the years have passed, during this time, had to grow up the son of Marshal Pentecost. The Rangers stopped being something extraordinary and became a household phenomenon. At this point open a new gap between dimensions, and from there begin to climb Kaiju unseen categories.

Premiere of “Pacific rim 2” will be 22 March 2018.

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