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“Pacific rim 2”: new footage and story details!

Tomorrow in new York at the festival “Comic-Con” have to present the first trailer for “Pacific rim 2” (Pacific Rim: Uprising). Well, wait we don’t get bored, the creators threw in a Network of a packet frames, and actor John Boyega told something about the plot.

So, the focus will be Jake Pentecost (Boyega), the son of the hero of Idris Elba from the first film. He returns home to deal with nice men: kick ass monsters with giant robots. Machines known as huntsmen, once successfully repulsed the attack of the kaiju, but now a monster from a parallel dimension are returned.

Jake was a big deal when I was preparing to become a Jaeger pilot, but the relationship with my father has always been complicated. The more believed in Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi), but not in the son. At some point Jake realized that did not justify the hopes of his father, so he left the program “the Huntsman” and plunged into the world of crime. He is thriving as a trader on the black market that buys and sells stolen goods, including the details of the Rangers.

Meanwhile, America is living under the new rules: rich people clinging to the center of the continent, and the shores inhabited by the poor people, who are the first will be on the way kaiju if (or when) they will return. Jake lives in a dilapidated mansion in Santa Monica, and soon fate brings him with a young Amara (Kelly Spayne) collecting their own fighting bots. Yes, the inhabitants of the coast have to build giant machines to be ready in case of attack.

While Mako always protects Jake and tries to help, but after another violation of the law and it is not able to do anything. Jake is only one way: to make amends, he should return to the project “the Huntsman” and teach kids all the things they know. This work reunites him with an old friend Lambert (Scott Eastwood), with whom they will pilot one of the jaegers.

And kaiju… These creatures have become smarter and more dangerous. The monsters we saw in the first film, was part of a “test run”: the aliens wanted to see how the planet will fight back. Now they have new plans and new ways in our world. Jake must lead the team, which will defend mankind.

Well, it sounds like anything. But the visual part is slightly annoying. From Guillermo Del Toro was a Spectacle with a capital letter and promotional material from the sequel is not very impressive. Robots too cartoonish pictures give whether “Transformers” (the new frames almost Bumblebee lit up), or power Rangers. However, the trailer needs to put everything in its place. Wait.

The premiere is scheduled for March 22, 2018.

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