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Nutritionists spoke about the important properties of persimmon

Диетологи рассказали о важных свойствах хурмыDeclassified and secret which will help remove a persimmon viscosity.

Persimmons ripen in late autumn, and to enjoy it as much as we can until spring. It can be safely called the most useful product in the cold, because it contains in its composition many minerals.

In 100 g of persimmon only 67 calories, so it is possible to eat even for those who are on a diet, but people with high blood sugar should be in control and do not lean on the fruit too often.

An invaluable benefit of persimmon

In the winter when the body lacks vitamin D, but to help him to be absorbed from the food will help iodine, which is in the persimmon. However, it is not so much iodine as in kelp, but it is more delicious than the seaweed. For example, difficult to explain to children why they need to lean on algae, having a “fish” flavor, but sweet and ripe persimmons they will eat with pleasure.

Due to potassium in its composition, persimmon is good for the heart. Potassium strengthens the heart muscle and reduces the workload on the heart, so vital organ will fight longer.

Persimmon strengthens the immune system because it has vitamin C, which is very useful to all in the cold season.

Eating at least one persimmon a day, women can no longer look for “rejuvenating serum,” as this fruit is vitamin E, cares for the skin and promotes wrinkle smoothing.

Orange sweet-tart fruit is rich in iron, which is important to the hemopoietic system. Those who constantly eat persimmon, iron deficiency anemia is not threatened.

The main secret that will make the persimmon is not binding: the fruit should be put in hot water for 10 minutes or hard unripe persimmon, which normally is mega-thick, must be placed in a single package with ripe bananas, due to these procedures, the tannins in persimmons will begin to decompose and it will cease to be binding.

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