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Laecken again demanded the resignation of the head of the all-Russian athletics Federation

Ласицкене вновь потребовала отставки главы Всероссийской федерации легкой атлетики

Only in the history of three-time world champion in the high jump Maria Laecken again called for the resignation of the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla) and its President, Dmitry shlyahtin, which do not support clean local athletes.

At the last world championship in Doha Maria got one of the two small gold medals of the Russian delegation, which is due to the disqualification of the club for the second time in a row played at the world championship under a neutral flag.

After the world Cup Shlyakhtin said that they have Laecken “smooth relations”.

“We never had any relationship with the Lord of Lehtinen, and even more smooth. In fact, we first talked only in January 2017, a year after his appointment, when I criticized him for his lack of knowledge of what is happening in wfla. I may not be a smooth relationship with a person who after my jump at 2.03 meters came up and told me to go to the winter championship of Europe in Belgrade, citing the fact that I’ll be there alone,” wrote Laecken on his page in Instagram.

“Advise Mr. Shlyakhtina to stop to dump their “professionalism” on my family members or team. Such things I will not tolerate. The position of all my team – the management of the club should resign,” added jumper.

Earlier the husband of the athletes Vladas Lasickas ridiculed unpretentious greetings from wfla for the victory in Doha against the present Russian fighters, who received the gold medal of the world championship cars and money certificates for 5 million rubles. Maria said that he didn’t expect any prize from the club, as the organization never mentioned the previous achievements of Russian athletes.

“Personally, I don’t expect any prize from the club, this organization never mentioned our previous gold medals. Federation absolutely does not support clean athletes, it’s not about the money, but gladly tells how he paid the debts or lawyers for those who violated anti-doping rules. Statements of the head of wfla about the fact that people imprisoned for doping, the team in Doha would be even more powerful, in principle, do not fit in my head. This disrespect for the pure athletes. What kind of change of culture is he saying?” – said Maria.

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