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Water Polo Moscow “Dynamo” was thrown out of the club due to an injured shoulder

Ватерполиста московского "Динамо" выбросили из клуба из-за травмированного плеча

26-year-old water Polo player of the Moscow “Dynamo” Ivan Koptsev, repeatedly defended the colours of the national team of Russia in the international arena after a shoulder injury were not wanted by hometown club after eight seasons held. The team management did not want to pay the athlete the operation and refused to renew his employment relationship.

Seven brothers and sisters, including three of the player of Russian national team on water Polo, showed how the train in the Moscow “kopeck piece” in isolation - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“First of all, I want to particularly thank the management team of the country, our Dr. Grigoriev Yu helped to do the surgery for free, after all, the offer of the club to solve this problem myself, I must admit, confused me and caused the well-known difficulties. Also, I’m no longer a player, “Dynamo”, – wrote Ivan in Instagram. – The contract with me, in connection with the injury, did not renew, wished success in the treatment! In turn, I wish Dynamo success! I want to thank the club for these past glorious 8 years! Here’s my formation as a player, we have accomplished a lot together! Hope has made its modest contribution to successes in recent years. I hope a new generation of young players coming to the team will quickly progress under the supervision of senior colleagues! Great victories and most importantly… less injuries!”


Dynamo has repeatedly promised to help Ivan to solve the housing problem, but has not made in this direction a single step. About a big sports family defender told the media in 2012. Then the power simply to survive Koptseva from Moscow, but at that time the children were young and only Ivan was considered a promising player. After resonance in the media bureaucrats “stirred” and “teased” the seven order, but the location of the apartment was not given.

In December of 2019 in the city hall the mayor gave them the order “Parental glory” and in personal conversation, promised to “see what can be done” on a housing problem, but after a month Koptsevy got another letter-a formal reply from the city property Department.


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