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Keep earthen protein life even in any different form

About Life we know only by its existence on Earth. But the Earth is not eternal: unless there is catastrophic its destruction by accidental massive meteor, so scientists know it eventually will die from the evolution of physical processes on the Sun.

Therefore, in my opinion, the most important task of Humanity is not so much the preservation of their own Species, how to manage to keep the earthen protein Life even in any different form is desirable within the Solar system. And do not pass a measly 4 billion years old, as she (slowly according to Darwin) will probably find a place where you can evolve into a new man.


And what do we do???

And not infect us with the Life of a neighboring planet?

Or at least meteors.

You don’t have to carry, for example, giraffes, penguins and evil piranhas.

For a start, perhaps, is simply to deliver each of the subjects planets (SP) jar with a set of the hardiest on Earth bacteria and there violently to scatter them on the surface or bury it back. To accept the fact that most of them, alas, will die…

But suddenly everything? And the most sassy of them even learn to reproduce in the new environment!

Therefore, in the future, scientists on earth in a hundred years or a thousand should be carefully observed, will not increase on any of FE in the atmosphere of oxygen.

On the FE, where it increased by even a percent, will send a new ship with the jar, but with the seeds of higher plants and hold them in the same way that earlier with the bacteria.

Well, then, if the amount of oxygen in FE, will continue to increase, will have to send a ship with the astronauts, the smartest of which already on the spot will decide which animals should be brought there from Earth, how to take advantage of an unprecedented harvest in the fields of Our IP. So, these guys get a feeling how the economical transport of Land yields with small entrepreneurs, where the gravitational force of attraction, for example, would be trifling.

About such free, see my “Colorful memories”


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So not to infect us with the life of a neighboring planet?

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