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Intimate invasion, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, the Japanese film festival

In Russia will show a new film by Japanese horror guru (“Pulse”, “Daguerreotype”) , Kiyoshi Kurosawa, an unusual fantasy about invading Earth the aliens “While we’re here” (Sanpo suru shinryakusha).

In wide release this kind of “festival” (a “While we’re here” was selected, for example, to participate in the programs of the Cannes film festival, festivals in Sitges and Neuchatel) movie to not count, so lovers should seize the moment. In our country the work of Kurosawa will be shown in the framework of the 51st festival of Japanese cinema in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk: 25 and 28 November at the cinema “Formula Kino Horizon” (Moscow), 11 December in the cinema “Rodina” (St.-Petersburg).

The relationship between Narumi and her husband Shinji lately is not going well, steam only does that quarrel. Once Shinji goes missing for a few days and comes back like a whole new person – calm, loving, caring. However, to enjoy this new life with her husband at Narumi does not work – start to happen around the completely inexplicable things: people die and disappear; and soon Shinji with Narumi be in the midst of the impending alien invasion.

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