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Intel is losing ground in the market

Intel теряет позиции на рынкеAMD is stronger comes on the heels of its competitor.

After the release of AMD Ryzen 7 the main question was how well they sold. Some observers thought that the improvement in the financial situation AMD is temporary and unstable, because the graphics processor is supposedly more lucrative than Central. Despite such opinions, the income units of the AMD Computing and Graphics in the 2nd quarter.

Of course, this is just one store of many, so far-reaching conclusions should not be done. In different countries can be a popular different processors, so to extend these results to the whole world is impossible. On the other hand, the indicators are so strong that allow to hope for good sales of AMD and other markets. Revenue from sales of AMD processors grew in the store by 20%.

The greatest demand in August, used the AMD R5 1600. This is a 6-core chip for $215, which performance is superior to similar Intel. More specifically, in this price segment to compete the 4-core Intel Core i5 processor. Apart from lagging behind in the number of cores it is 3 times inferior to the number of supported threads, 4 vs 12.

A month and a half AMD will provide financial results for the 3rd quarter and then it will be possible to make more accurate conclusions about the popularity of its new processors.

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