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In Turkey, archaeologists have unearthed a unique artifact

В Турции археологи раскопали уникальный артефактExcavations have found a drill, which is 7500 years old.

In Turkey scientists continue the excavations in the ridge of mounds, which has presented many surprises.

Another finding of the archaeologists have proved that seven thousand years ago, the tools of ancient people were not only “sand-diggers”, but also functioning drill.

The scientists found the objects after radiological analysis was dated to the seventh Millennium BC. Special attention of researchers attracted hewn piece of flint fastened to a stick. However, this item is not a weapon. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Empirically, scientists have proved that the discovery is a kind of primitive drill. Turkish scientists say that to their surprise, the most ancient finds are objects that were made for creation, not for war and murder. Therefore, all theories about ancient times, where chaos and destruction are not confirmed by household items.

The ancients guarded the place of his habitation, but preferred peaceful toil to war and raids.

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