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In the Pacific ocean found a rare metals

В Тихом океане обнаружили редкие металлыThe world will be provided for 700 years.

Scientists have discovered deposits of rare earth metals, which will cover all countries for 700 years, in the waters of the Pacific ocean near the island of Minamitori.

Deposits of salt are deposited on an area of 2.5 thousand square kilometers. Experts believe that in the field of metals, there are 16 million tons. Scientists say that deposits of dysprosium will last for 730 years, the number of terbium is small, but it can last for 420 years, if used wisely. Also found deposits of europium, which provide humanity with 620 years, and yttrium for 780 years. With so much metal you can say that the world for a long time will have the required resource.

Note that a few years ago the main metal supplier in the world, China has restricted production and exports, which led to the fact that scientists of Japan began to seek deposits in its territory. Rare earth metals are used in the manufacture of batteries, smartphones and electric vehicles.

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