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How to create the logo of “strange Affairs”?

We have already talked about entertaining the website Make It Stranger, where anyone can wrap your label in a signature design from the screensaver series of “Very strange things”. And now let’s look at how you created such a cool logo to one of the best series in recent years.

This interesting digression holds art Director Jacob Bogosianworking in California – it was he who developed the final design for the name. For anybody not a secret that the creators of the series, the brothers Duffer, drew inspiration from the work of Stephen king, and originally “Very strange things” in General was conceived as a remake of “It”. But in the end the concept had to be altered, and the show became an independent and very bright representative of the “school of horrors”, while not losing the atmosphere kingovskoy novels.

The basis for the development of the logo took on a cover of books from the very peak of his career “king of horror” – such as “skeleton crew”, “It”, “losing weight” and “Kladbishe home pet adoption”.

There were about 20 design options, unless the choice has stopped on “the unique and harmonious”. However, he later underwent a number of cosmetic changes:

And here’s the final logo emblazoned on the poster “strange cases”. And he is really good! How do you think it’s the best choice from the options?

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