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How many Ukrainians will manage the preparation of the child for school

Во сколько украинцам обойдется подготовка ребенка к школеParents have to spend.

Prices for school uniform in online stores this year, almost no different from last year.

This was told by parents of students who have been preparing their children for school.

“Internet based price lists, all within the last year,” said a parent with experience.

“While much of a difference I saw. From the price lists on the websites, prices plus or minus within the last year,” agreed the mother of another student.

The journalists also decided to ask what and how much in stores.

Boys suits quite possible to buy for 500 hryvnia, although such products a little. More costumes for the price of 800-1000 USD. Of course, there are more expensive.

Pants as boys and girls start from 200 UAH (there are literally a few sentences a little cheaper). The most common price – UAH 500.

With skirts similar situation. The average price probably will be about 400 hryvnia. The same number will be and dress. The average price of a blouse – 300 hryvnia. Shirt for boys is on average also about 300 hryvnia.

The above rates relate primarily to Internet shopping. While the clothes, especially the child, still want to try, and even pre – touch. And it will have to go to “real” stores. But prices here can, in principle, no different from the “virtual” – at least as regards the specified average, as can be seen by visiting a few popular retail outlets in Kiev.

For example, embroidery can be bought for 250 hryvnia. And shoes prices are very different. You can watch something cheaper 300 UAH and 2000 UAH. In many stores, as “real” and “virtual” offers good discounts, therefore decent shoes for 500 hryvnia can buy without any problems. It is for boys. Shoes for girls on average are slightly more expensive – about 600 UAH.

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