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Horror story or the Story of the Ghost

Author film Director and screenwriter David Lowery , the man who died, became a silent Ghost in the sheet and being unquiet spirit, watched people’s lives many, many years…

The story of the Ghost, who, being a man, prematurely left our world and is doomed to eternal wandering in the vicinity of their former home. Covered with a white sheet, he watches over his grieving sweetheart. Continue this bundle of energy will be the invisible witness of the endless long years, and his only companion will be the time inexorably mcadie mankind to the unknown.

The role of the specter – Casey Affleck (“interstellar”, “the Killer inside me”), in the role of his sweetheart Rooney Mara (“the girl with the dragon tattoo”, “a Nightmare on elm street”). The premiere was held at Sundance film festival January 22, 2017.

On IMDb the film is titled “Horror story”, although it seems to us more appropriate that the name that appears on the website Cinemania – “the Ghost’s Story”. He and the original “A Ghost Story” is closer in meaning. As, however, will call this tape the localizer by the time when she gets up to the edges – only God knows.

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