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Box office USA (21 – 23 July 2017) New movie Nolan came in first place

The first place of the top of the overseas box-office took a new film by Christopher Nolan. Historical war drama “Dunkirk” gathered at the start of the rental more than $ 50 million, which is pretty good for a movie of this genre and with this topic. But at the same time not too good for a project with a budget of fifty million.

On the second line quite unexpectedly found ourselves in the Comedy “ladies ‘ trip”, managed to get ahead and “planet of the apes: War” (4th top), and “spider-Man: coming home” (3rd place).

Only fifth at the start of the rental – a new film by Luc Besson “Valerian and the city of a thousand worlds” – the result is unfortunate but not really unexpected.

Genre Prime Minister last weekend was not.

Data for the previous week-end, see here.

No.The filmFees ($million)JustWeekCopiesBudget
2Girly trip30,3730,371259119
3Spider-man: the Return home22,01251,7134130175
4Planet of the apes: War20,40Of 97.7524100150
5Valerian and the city of a thousand planetsOf 17.02Of 17.0213553180
6Despicable me 3Of 12.71213,324352580
7Baby on the drive6,0084,234250334
8Love is a disease5,0024,5352597??
9Wonder woman4,63389,0381971149
10Box2,47Of 10.522163312
…13Blue abyss0,4442,2664485
17 …Fatal temptation0,2510,155331??
19 …Mummy0,1979,387214125
22 …The Ghost’s story0,140,48343??
…23Lady Macbeth0,120,21240??

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