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A mysterious werewolf in the teaser of the horror film “Tusk”

In the United States licantropi the shooting of another horror movie under the sonorous name of “Fang” (Fang).

Of course, nothing to do with the eponymous Greek film Giorgos Lanthimos. American painting, apparently, low-budget, and that means no CGI. Well, very little or very poor quality. Well, nostalgia for practical effects now in trend, so your audience for this “Fang”.

Moreover, the makers of the hard pull of intrigue about the appearance of your main monster. If for example, Todd sheets, shooting now like the movie, has already shown the werewolf “Barnhill road” in all its glory, here it’s not in a hurry, from time to time, tossing fans a picture of the legs or the eyes of his shaggy-haired beast.

Here and now, releasing the teaser trailer (really, just more like a teaser), they again showed almost nothing. On the other hand, the video came out good, stress — catchy-still, I want to see more. So it seems that the trick works.

Synopsis the future of the tape:

Girls Chloe and Joe decide to commit a robbery, however, as often happens, things get out of control and ends in murder. Hiding from the police, podelnitsy trying to hide in the house of some distant relative, but only in order to face the unknown creatures, which makes them ruthless hunting.

Well, if all this will be sufficiently fast, it can work.

Removes this case Director Adam R. Steigert, specializing in low-budget horror like the horror-Comedy “into death” in 2014. He is also the author of the script, and one of the operators, as well as producer. The role of the thieves in there performed by young actress Theo Maps and melody Roerig, and the main antagonist in the film will play Melanta Blackthornfirmly spelled out in the trash like “Girls Gogo vs Nazi”. Will it be a werewolf, is not yet clear.

The production of “Fang” is in full swing, and the premiere is scheduled for 2018. Yet check out the teaser and all the collected pieces there likana. And even some of the dismembered carcass of the movie.

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