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A first grader stood up for mother and stabbed his own father

In fact, the incident is just an excuse to once again remind you that we definitely need a new law on domestic violence and social work regulatory bodies would do well to improve and all negligent to a therapist free, but it is good to at the moment could rid them of the sadism and other disease, well, while so.

Первоклассник заступился за мать и ударил ножом родного отца

June 15, Ermolino village in the Dmitrov district the murder occurred. Stalemate, and what’s worse, a typical situation: the man did not share something with his wife, swearing from behind the wall turned into trash, after which the man deftly struck the woman. To help his beloved mother from the team rushed seven year old kid who stabbed his father. Mother could not save…

The scene seized a knife, took fingerprints. In fact the incident is checked.

Seven, of course, nobody will go to jail. This is self-defense, but what kind of life awaits this little guy? After the incident, the father will surely go to jail then come back out and life will exasperate the child with the drunken antics, and maybe even worse than.
One way or another. Family the child is no more.

Who is to blame, do you think?

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