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Ukroboronprom showed unique shell

Укроборонпром показал уникальный снарядThe Karasuk projectile capable of hitting targets at a distance of 12 km.

State research and production complex Progress has developed high-precision artillery shell Karasuk, which provides the maximum probability of destruction of the target the first shot at ranges up to 12 km away. the Latest development was first presented in Kiev at the exhibition Arms and security-2017.

According to the press service of Yobropro, Karasuk is a model of “smart weapons”. And the maximum accuracy of the projectile is obtained by employing semi-active laser guidance achieves maximum accuracy over the entire range of the distance of the shot.

With electronic and opto-mechanical systems of the Karasuk designed to withstand extremely high overloading during artillery shots (at least 10 000g).

“For guidance of the Karasuk on the aim you can use laser designators rangefinders, both ground and mounted on unmanned aerial vehicles”, – stated in the message.

This allows you to ensure the efficient destruction of even the protected control centres and communications, bridges, crossings, strong points, enemy artillery and other targets. This model of the projectile can be applied from artillery systems of caliber 122 mm, including guns D-30 and self-propelled artillery 2S1, which are adopted by the APU.

Before the exhibition Arms and security-2017 were shown the latest BTR-4МВ1, created by specialists of the Kharkov design Bureau. Morozov.

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