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Ukrainians warned of the danger of insulating houses

Украинцев предупредили об опасности утепления домов The specialists of “Kyivenergo” appealed to insulate houses complex and subject to all the rules.

The insulation of individual parts of the walls of the house may lead to negative consequences, create an emergency and threaten the health and safety of people. About this in Facebook said “Kyivenergo”.

In particular, the “patchwork” warming may cause active destruction of the walls: at the junction of the insulated and non-insulated surfaces creates a temperature difference and condenseries moisture.

Due to condensation around the perimeter of the wall intensively rehydrate and freeze.

In addition, the sharp shift of the dew point inside the walls leads to mold projections on the insulated parts of the building. Mold can even appear in the neighbors of a resident who has “winterized”.

The insulation without complying with the construction requirements and technology under the influence of moisture and wind can fall away from the walls, that is a threat to the health and safety of passers-by and residents.

In “Kyivenergo” emphasize that the efficiency of a home must be approached comprehensively. In particular, you must comply with the “rules of the continuous line”: must be insulated the entire perimeter of the house, including the walls on all sides, attic, roof, basement.

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