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Toyota will create “brothers”-sports cars

В Toyota будут созданы "братья"-спорткарыToyota intends to launch a third sports car.

Toyota intends to release a third sports car in addition to the models of the GT86 and Supra.

But it is unlikely he will be available to them, although in overall size may be smaller. And although the company Toyota plans to release a third serial sports car in addition to the coupe GT86 and the new Supra, there is no chance that it will be cheaper. About said the head of Toyota Gazoo Racing, Tetsuya Tada.

Despite the fact that Toyota still wants to implement the concept of the “three brothers-sportscar”, the company’s engineers and planners should carefully assess the potential of the modern market of sports cars. Because of the costs of developing new models can’t escape it. Still a car is a car, no matter it is a large three-row crossover or a small two-seater sports coupe. To spend on designing both have almost the same. But then a niche product (e.g. car) will lose more popular if won’t cost so much that Toyota could profit from its sale.

“I believe that most people look forward to the smallest of the three brothers, and when people say “smallest”, they expect that it will be the most affordable. But really, to make a small sports car quite difficult,” said Tada our colleagues from Evo at the ongoing Geneva international motor show.

Interestingly, after the novelty of the current entry level sports car from Toyota – GT86 coupe – may be the most affordable of the trio. As a beginner, which in the opinion of the Evo will probably be a mid-engine sports dvuhdverka like and beloved MR2 in the lineup of the Japanese automaker will take place exactly between the GT86 and Supra.

And if this possible successor to the MR2 will offer more power than the GT86 with the same handling as the old MR2, the Japanese will gain a new hit in the segment. Especially if they manage to establish a price tag below $40 000.

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