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The main symptoms that will help identify a stroke

Названы главные признаки, которые помогут определить инсультThey appear first.

It’s important to know all! Since stroke is one of the main causes of death in the world.

Stroke is of two types:

1. Ischemic – lack of blood circulation in the brain through obstruction of one or more arteries by Atheroma, thrombosis or embolism.

This often occurs in older people, as a consequence of diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, vascular problems, and smokers.

2. Hemorrhagic – bleeding in the brain caused by the rupture of an artery or blood vessel, high blood pressure, problems with blood coagulation, injury.

It can occur in young people and is a severe type of stroke.

The fact that men and women of any age can suffer from this evil.

It is therefore very important to know the signs that a stroke may occur.

This information may save your life or the life of someone you love.

Here are seven warning signs of a stroke:

1. Loss of balance

A person suffering from a stroke, can lose balance and coordination of movement.

2. Problems with vision

This is another very important feature.

If a person has visual problems (darkening of the eyes, blurring), it is more likely to experience a stroke.

3. Facial paralysis

This symptom also appears on the face: part of the face is paralyzed, the eye can become sleepy and your mouth may become crooked.

4. Weakness in the hands

In this case, will be hampered hand movements. They will feel the weakness.

5. Speech disorders

The man, who suffered a stroke is difficulty with speech, words are pronounced slowly and stretched.

6. Headache

Sudden and severe headache can be a symptom of stroke, especially in combination with one or more of the symptoms described here.

7. Problems with concentration

The difficulty of the language or understanding of mind – another characteristic of who a stroke.

In this situation time is very important and is the determining factor in saving a person’s life.

Therefore, when you notice these signs in someone, immediately take the person to the emergency room of a hospital or call an ambulance.

Causes of stroke are:

– Hypertension


– High cholesterol

– Smoking

– excessive consumption of alcohol

– obesity

– cardiac problems

– drug use

– heredity

Prevention and reduction of risk of stroke is possible if you follow these tips:

proper nutrition

– Avoid consuming excessive amounts of salt and replace it with Himalayan or sea

– do not smoke

– do not drink alcohol (or drink moderately too)

physical exercise done regularly

– avoid consumption of poor quality fats (such as margarine, palm oil, fried fat)

– control blood pressure

– lose weight if you have too much extra weight

– avoid eating large amounts of sugar

– reduce stress

control cholesterol

– increase mental activity: reading, chess, crosswords, puzzles and learning new things

Natural recipe for preventing a stroke:

This recipe is very simple. It consists of two ingredients: warm water and lemon.

He is a powerful protector against premature aging and diseases such as stroke and cancer.

You just need to add lemon juice to a glass of warm water.

If you want, and if you don’t suffer from diabetes, sweeten it with a spoon of natural honey.

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The ideal consumption of this drink every morning on an empty stomach for 30-40 minutes before Breakfast, it will make your body more resistant to disease, including stroke.

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