Tuesday , September 28 2021
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Russian propaganda film about the Crimea ridiculed

The film is not appreciated even in Russia. Thursday, September 28, in Russia the premiere of a propaganda film “Crimea”, which was ridiculed even the residents occupation of the Ukrainian Peninsula. “Hitherto every kreakla Russia was one headache — Crimea. But now Crimea has become two!”, characterizes the Russian edition …

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Ukrainians are outraged by the propaganda book for children

Parents dissatisfied with the contents of the book. Ukrainian users of the network angered the story of the sale of children’s propaganda books on the publishers ‘ Forum in Lviv, which not only praises the brotherhood of Ukraine and the aggressor country of Russia, but openly advertises the infamous people’s …

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How to look like propaganda leaflets North Korea. Photo

North Korea does not like AmericansNorth Korean propaganda leaflets urging people to resist the us imperialism and are reminded of nuclear weapon available in the Arsenal of North Korea.See also: the Photographer showed the North Korean stunning interiors. Photo “You go to war? We first hit the American bastards”. “Our …

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The main propaganda of Putin amused embarrassment

The organizers made an unfortunate mistake. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova spoke to reporters on the background of the banner, which was a spelling mistake in the full name of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation. Thus, the banner was adorned with the inscription: “Ministry …

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