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Scientist noticed a mysterious alien spacecraft near Saturn

Ufologist have noticed UFO in pictures of Saturn’s rings.NASA released space pictures and videos on your website. Also thanks to these materials, users will be able to get acquainted with missions and cosmonauts, the study of the solar system. Among all pictures specialist, ufologist, noted a couple of pictures with …

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Jupiter noticed a strange phenomenon

Published the Great dark spot on Jupiter The picture was taken at a distance of 14.5 thousand kilometers from the surface of Jupiter. “Juno” did the Great dark spot NASA Station “Juno” did the Great dark spot – one of many massive storms on Jupiter. The image was published on …

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Mars noticed a beer bottle

It is noteworthy that a more detailed examination can distinguish between different-color label.Images of the surface of Mars was taken in 2007 while on a mission to study the red planet. However, a resident of the US, looking at these images found on the planet’s surface a strange object, which …

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Near the Sun, noticed strange objects

The SOHO Observatory released photos where you can notice oddities near the Sun. In the lower half of the photograph, in a few moments it seemed an interesting subject with a bright long frame. Near it appeared two spheres. In social networks, the townsfolk said that the unknown object a …

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Small SUV Jaguar E-Pace noticed on tests

The Jaguar Corporation is actively preparing to enter the second model of crossover F-Pace. In a global network the Internet has published a video test of the new SUV Jaguar E-Pace under the camouflage. The official date of presentation of the car still remains unknown. In the network appeared the …

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Astronomers noticed in the galaxy strange glowing nebula

Recently, scientists have discovered a previously not investigated a suspicious glowing nebula. According to astronomers, the nebula is a huge gas cloud, and to flash it can only a custom kernel, because in the vicinity were not any objects that would glow ball education. Moreover, it can be the center …

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