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On the roads of Hungary noticed rare vases

The car managed to shoot. On Hungarian roads goes Lada Nova GTS, which can be evaluated on the five plus. As you know, in 1980-ies VAZ actively exported their cars. Especially in demand in the West was “seven”, which was delivered under a variety of names: Lada Nova, Lada Riva, …

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In Ukrainian banks noticed suspicious transactions

The NBU monitors suspicious financial activities of Bank customers. The national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) in January-September of 2017 was sent to law enforcement agencies 28 letters with information about suspicious transactions of clients 36 banks for the total amount of 67.5 billion, or 16 billion and EUR 10 million. …

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In Latvia noticed a Ukrainian prototype supercar

Collect Himera Q will be in Spain, because it is based on the chassis of the GTA Spano from a small company Spania GTA. Thursday, October 12, Kekava in Latvia at the gas station took a picture of an unusual car. Rather, it is the first Ukrainian supercar, which received …

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The moon has noticed the unusual phenomenon

Again, the scientists noticed a strange glow on the moonA few days ago, an international team of astronomers have reported strange flashes on the lunar surface. Strange flashes of light were seen again. Ufologists said about the alien origin of the strange glow on the moon’s surface. Experts have divided …

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Mars noticed a powerful glow

Unlike Earth, Mars is no strong magnetic fieldNASA scientists have noticed on the surface of Mars, a powerful radiance, which was 25 times brighter than similar events that were recorded before. This was reported by representatives of the aerospace Department of the USA. American experts believe that the powerful lights …

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In Ukraine, noticed exclusive Bentley SUV

Looks like some more Bentley Bentayga in Ukraine will be a kind of “Lanos for oligarchs”. In fact, every day grows not only the number of sentences in the ads and on our roads. In principle, it is logical, because to date, the Bentley Bentayga is the only option for …

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