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What to eat before and after workout to gain muscle mass

When it comes to muscle building, fitness, of course, is the main assistant. It is impossible to become stronger without pumping muscles. Experts advises to bet on strength training with progressive loading (increasing the weight). However, it is important that you eat before and after a workout. SPLETNIK.RU tells what …

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Seven rules: how to accelerate muscle growth

Muscle growth – the process is not complicated. But to start muscle growth you need to have some knowledge about human physiology. I’m not going to delve deeply into science. I’ll just tell you how to make your muscles grow rapidly. Before you go to the gym, you should clearly …

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Scientists have created a unique artificial muscle

Muscles can lift huge weightsThe developers of technological universities of Massachusetts and Harvard have created an innovative composition of artificial muscles that can lift huge weights, relative to their own mass. The developers made it so that the mechanism of artificial muscles folds the invention, it becomes like paper origami. …

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These products are best suited for muscle-building

Four products to build muscleIf you want to gain weight through muscle mass and not fat, you should reconsider your diet and add products that will best contribute to this. MeatFor the growth of muscles need protein (protein). The minimum daily allowance of protein is 60 grams. Less if it …

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Named unusual product for building muscle

Want to build more muscle mass? Exercise and eat your spinach! Tests on mice showed that nitrate, found in high quantities in spinach, increase the production of two key proteins in muscle strength. Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden noted that the same level of nitrates can be obtained …

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Experts have suggested what to do for muscle spasms

They cause a sharp pain may arise unexpectedly. In fact, cramp is the uncontrollable contraction of muscles. They usually occur in the calf muscles, although there are in other areas. During cramps you may feel in the affected area muscle became denser and harder than usual. The pain is so …

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