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‘A complete guide to lunacy’: NPR gets an earful after publishing gender identity ‘glossary’ & tips on proper pronoun usage

Compiled with assistance from various LGBTQ organizations, the glossary and FAQ list was created in an effort to help NPR readers navigate the seemingly endlessly expanding lexicon of gender-identity-related language.  “Our goal is to help people communicate accurately and respectfully with one another,” the broadcaster wrote, adding: “Proper use of …

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‘Women’ or ‘vagina owners’? Teen Vogue’s publication of ‘masturbation guide’ mocked for advances in woke linguistics

The publication posted its “no-nonsense, 101 guide to masturbation for vagina owners” on Twitter on Tuesday, deploying the unusual phrase instead of more common descriptors like “women,” “girls,” or even the more generic standby “people with vaginas.” While linguistic gymnastics are nothing new in the woke fever-swamp Teen Vogue calls …

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BBC guide for talking down to ‘conspiracy theorist’ relatives is a subtle indoctrination on approved propaganda

In a highly embarrassing yet entirely predictable U-turn, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has effectively cancelled Christmas for an untold number of Britons, less than four weeks after announcing plans to recklessly relax coronavirus restrictions significantly from 23rd – 27th December. Nonetheless, the BBC feels the risk of people getting within 1.5 …

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Husband Laecken ridiculed gift guide domestic athletics

The President of the Russian athletics Federation Dmitry Shlyakhtin said to her husband, the Russian jumper in height of Mary Laecken who made fun of the gift guide domestic athletics for the victory of his wife at the world Championships in Doha. “Boxers from their Federation for the world Cup: …

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In Ukraine has created a pocket guide to the Carpathians

Made in Ukraine, introduced English-speaking guide.The project team Made in Ukraine introduced the English-speaking pocket guide to famous and little-known places of the Carpathians. This was announced by the founder of Made in Ukraine and co-author of the guidebook The Carpathians Travel Guide Yulia Savostina. “This is a complete guide …

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